Inventory Management

Track inventory of Service Items

Inventory Management is now a included add on for Team plan and higher. Available as paid add on for Solo plan. 

Enable Inventory Management from within the Settings, under Account Payment

Once enabled, go to Settings , then Service Items to review your Inventory Levels. You'll see a column on the left hand side that represents the
quantity you have on hand.

Ensure that your Unit Type is set to Item and the Inventoried checkbox is checked.
Once you've marked your Service Item as Inventoried you'll see that the following additional options have appeared.

Vendor Name: List the Vendor Name
Vendor Email: If you would like to list the Vendor's email address, enter it here.
Vendor Part #: Helps you manage part numbers assigned by the Vendor.
Item Cost: This plays a role in Job Costing.
Available Inventory: List the total quantity of this item you have on hand.
Total Assigned: Assign inventory to a particular User, and this shows the quantity assigned.
Warning Quantity: Alerts the Email Address listed in the Vendor Email field that you have gotten to a certain amount on hand.
Reorder Quantity: Automatically re-orders Inventory once that level has been hit.


To Assign this item to a User, simply click on the 'Assign' button and you will see another pop-up:

You can also view the total assigned inventory for a user within the Settings under Users.