QuickBooks Online Common Errors

Here is a list of common errors (and resolutions) with regards to exporting to QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks online "6240: the name supplied already exists" This error means that you have a Service Item in RazorSync that matches an existing Service Item in QuickBooks, but the QuickBooks number is not attached. To resolve, import Service Items from QuickBooks Online into RazorSync.
ErrorCode:2500, Message:Invalid Reference Id : Categories cannot be used in transactions.

When importing Service Items from QuickBooks, the Categories (Parent Items) will also import.  This error occurs when you've used one of these "Categories" as a Service Item on an Invoice.  To resolve, replace the Service Item with one of it's sub-items, or a different Service Item entirely.

ErrorCode:6000, Message:Business Validation Error: Do you also want to update memorized sales transactions to use the new values? Remove this service item from the invoice, export the invoice to QuickBooks, then re-add the item to both the QuickBooks Invoice and the RazorSync Invoice.
ErrorCode:2050, Message: String length specified does not match the supported length. Min:0 Max: 1.000 supported. Supplied length XXX

QuickBooks allows for 1,000 characters in this field.

Resolution: Reduce the number of characters in the invoicing memo field.

Tip: You can copy/paste your Invoice Memo into Microsoft Word and do a Word Count, which will tell you how many characters you have.

QuickBooks Online " No Invoices were created"

Resolution: Disconnect/Reconnect with QuickBooks Online

ErrorCode2020, Message:Required parameter CustomerRef is missing in the request. Remove the Billing Address Name for instances when they are 'exporting addresses as sub-customers, as well as 'only if an address name is specified'. This is the error occurring on a payment export.
Error Message: There is an invalid reference to QuickBooks InvoiceLineItem SalesTaxCode "Tax" in the Invoice line. QuickBooks error message: You can't set taxable if Sales tax is turned off or the item is not a taxable item type. An Item on the Invoice is likely 'Not Set', rather than Taxable or Non-Taxable. Adjust the Items on the Invoice to select Taxable or Non-Taxable, then export to QuickBooks.