Razorsync Billing Portal

The Razorsync billing portal is the new hub for your Razorsync subscription details and historical invoices. 

To access the Razorsync portal.  Go to Settings. Then Account Invoices. Click on the Billing portal button in green at the top. 

This will take you to a login page for the portal.

Login in with the credentials that you received via email. 

Note there is a Forgot Password link here if you have forgotten your password 


Here is the Razorsync Billing Portal

  • This is you main Subscription View
  • Click on My Account to update your billing information
  • Click on Update Payment Method to update your card on file

You can still update you card on file in Razorsync as well. Do this by clicking on Replace Card on File within Account payment Settings.


Updating Payment information in our Billing Portal. 

Historical Invoice Section

  • Click on View to view a previous month's invoice

Thanks for your business!

If you have questions or need help with managing your subscription, please call us at (615) 939-2456 or email us at support@razorsync.com