Razorsync Supported Tablets

Information on tablets and the RazorSync Mobile App

The RazorSync mobile app works on either Apple iOS or Android tablets.

If you are going to use RazorSync on a tablet and have a tablet connected to a wireless carrier like Verizon or AT&T, it would be best to contact the carrier service first to ask if they have any deals on tablets and what their minimum requirements are.

It is always best to get the latest system version of whatever tablet platform you choose. Generally, 2 years is the limit that any platform is supported by a provider. but you can usually upgrade to the current version depending on the tablet and its age,

Currently the latest versions are: for iOS Version 16 and for Android the current Version is 12. This is subject to change.

Both Android and Apple iOS systems work well. You can find the RazorSync app in both platform’s app stores.