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Manage your RazorSync Service Items

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Managing Service Items

Item Name - Appears on Invoices/Quotes.  Non-editable within Invoices/Quotes/Work Orders.

Description - Appears as a description of the item itself.  When adding items to Invoices/Quotes/Work Orders, you can edit the description to add/remove additional text.

Tier 1/2/3 - Customers can be placed into one of three Tiers with regards to pricing.  For example, Tier 1 can be your standard pricing, whereas Tier 2 or Tier 3 could be used for discounted pricing for Friends & Family, or perhaps customers with Service Agreements and reduced pricing.  Remember, the Tier is set directly within the Customer profile.

Taxable - State whether an item should be taxable or not.

Default - When checked for a specific item, the item will default to all newly created Work Orders.

Deactivate - Set an item to be inactive.  Historical use of this item will remain on prior Invoices/Quotes/Work Orders, as well as in your reports.

Delete - The checkbox furthest to the right is used to delete an item.  Checking the blank box at the top of this column will select all items on this page, and allow you to delete multiple items at once.  If an item has been used previously, you will not be able to delete the item.  Make it inactive instead.



Categories are used to separate your items into groups.  To add a new Category, click the [+] symbol.  Once a Category is added to the list, you can select individual Service Items and assign them to a new or existing Category.

Note: RazorSync Service Item Categories are not tied to QuickBooks Service Item Categories.


Service Items

Add New


Click the [+] icon to manually create a new Service Item. 

Newly created items will also export to QuickBooks when used on an Invoice/Quote that is exported, or by exporting Service Items to QB.



To import Service Items, click the Import button, which will redirect to the main Import page. You may import from QuickBooks (Online or Desktop). Be sure to select the Import Inventory Items button if you'd like to bring Inventory Items into RazorSync from QuickBooks as well.

You may also import an excel file by selecting the Other File option.  RazorSync has a specific import template format that needs to be used.



Service Items can be exported directly to QuickBooks, or to an excel file.

Note: Using the excel export allows you to make multiple changes to your item list, save the file and import it back into RazorSync to apply those changes.  Given the wide range of adjustments that can be made, contact RazorSync Support for guidance.