We heard you!

We'll continue to update this page. Check back periodically for updates.

We recently announced that the new RazorSync interface will replace Classic Mode by Spring 2023. After thoughtful consideration, we have made the decision to postpone the official launch date, meaning Classic Mode will still be available until further notice.

We prioritize our client partners and product quality first and foremost, which is why we have delayed the launch of our new interface to ensure RazorSync can meet and exceed your needs.

As a result of your feedback, we will continue to improve the following features and fix issues we’ve run across in RazorSync before announcing the new phase-out date of Classic Mode:

    1. Schedule page 
    2. Customer page
    3. Map page

    Your feedback is greatly appreciated! Please continue to use the new RazorSync interface while Classic Mode is still available and provide us with feedback on how we can continue to improve RazorSync.  You can submit this feedback by clicking the Feedback button in the top right of your portal, Chatting to us or calling Support at 877-675-4395.